Frequently Asked Questions

What is OpenSupporter?

The Open Supporter Data Interface effort defines an API and data structures for interoperability among products in the progressive cause-based, campaign and non-profit marketplace. The API defines resources representing people, donations, questions, tags, events, and many other relevant data types.The existence of a common API reduces customer costs related to moving data between different systems, lowers integration costs and enhances the ability of innovators to create products for the marketplace.


How can I make use of the OpenSupporter API?

The best way to make use of OSDI is to implement it in your products.

The specification can be found on our github repository

To contribute, open issues, make pull requests visit


Technical Learning with the specification

The OSDI Sandbox is an app that people can use to get their own OpenSupporter system, with sample data that they can interact with via the protocol and a dashboard UI.  It’s sort of like a CRM that supports OpenSupporter and basic OData filtering by date, but doesn’t actually do real CRM functions.  It’s a self-serve portal.that:

  • Provides you with a simple implementation to use as a learning tool and develop or test your code against
  • Provides a sample dataset with fake people using real addresses in DC, events, attendances (RSVPs), petitions, submissions etc.
  • Includes automation to create new people and updated people every day, or on command via UI or an API call to increase the “real-ness” your code is exposed to.

How do I use the OpenSupporter Sandbox?

  • Go to
  • Create an account, then click setup to create your own tenant, and visit it.  You’ll then see its dashboard
  • You can examine, create and edit resources like people, events etc and actions like attendances and form submissions via the UI in an object editor using the OpenSupporter model.
  • You can also access the data via OpenSupporter itself, either by your own script, or the HAL browser


How can I get help interpreting the specification or getting advice?

  • Members of the public community can open an issue on the OpenSupporter github repository here:
  • If you join OpenSupporter, you can request an agenda time slot on a technical call.  During that time, you can ask questions and get feedback from other members on the call to hear different perspectives.


How can I get in involved and contribute to the OpenSupporter API?

  • Contribute as part of the technical committee, apply here   The OSDI Technical Committee is where the main work of producing and stewarding the OSDI specification happens. Approved Members regularly attend committee meetings and drive the democratic voting process.
  • Contribute via public GitHub repository . Members of the public may provide comments or raise issues on the OSDI specifications through our GitHub Repository


How does OpenSupporter meet and collaborate

  • OpenSupporter is organized as a democracy and level playing field for contributors regardless of size or marketshare.  It meets weekly or as-needed to discuss and process feedback and proposals.
  • If you’d like to join or signup here
  • Or Contact

Is current compliance a requirement for joining OpenSupporter as a member?

It’s not necessary to have a fully compliant API to join, just a commitment to doing so as we understand the complexities of switching and also it’s helpful to have folks who are in the process of complying part of the conversation, as you may have ideas that other folks would like to discuss. We encourage a show of support for the spec by being public about putting OpenSupporter implementation on their roadmap.