VP of Marketing
Focuses on our PR, Marketing, Twitter, Facebook, website. Works with relevant people eg Indigo for website to get things done
VP of Membership
focuses on recruiting, running the onboarding process etc. Identifies new potential prospects and how to recruit them.
VP of Outreach
Focuses on conferences, session proposals
VP of Logistics
Keeps spreadsheets of membership and contact information up to date. Typical duties of a corporate secretary.
VP of Education
Organizes trainings and tech reviews for customers. Reviewers will review technical elements and key decisions with customers like data directors. These will also be a usability study. We will essentially ask the reviewers to review our big decisions. Trainings will teach skills like scripting OSDI in languages like Python and Ruby.
VP of Customer Coalition
Responsible for developing customer endorsement program. This program brings on customer orgs who support the project. Those entities would have their name/logo included in a customer coalition page on our website. They would also agree to participate in quarterly or twice-yearly tech reviews.
The Chair chairs the overall OpenSupporter effort.
Vice Chair
The Vice Chair role may be fulfilled by an existing VP or governance member. Upon the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall perform the duties of Chair. The Chair may also delegate responsibilities to the Vice Chair at their discretion.
In the event of the death, long term incapacitation, resignation or recall of the Chair, the Vice Chair shall become Acting Chair. If the Acting Chair wishes to ascend to Chair, then a simple majority of the Governance Committee shall confirm them as Chair. If the Acting Chair does not wish to ascend to Chair, they shall run a new election to seat a new Chair, and the Acting Chair reverts to their previous role(s).